By anne-marie.dubois - Posted on 10 août 2016

Science for the wounded
The work of Dr. Armand Frappier

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War is very much a matter of equipment: weapons, ammunition, radio equipment, oil to power the engines of airplanes, tanks and submarines. But war is mostly a "human” matter. Soldiers must be fed, clothed, provided with footwear and even kept motivated. But above all, they must be cared for when they fall on the battlefield.


It is in this area that Armand Frappier will shine. With his team and the support of the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada, he will gear up his young Institute for the Allied war effort. In very little time, large quantities of supplies are sent to care for the wounded in Europe, including thousands of bottles filled with dried human serum. It is this tremendous achievement that we want to share with you.


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